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السبت، 6 فبراير 2021

جميلات هوليود إطلالةنجمات هوليوداطلالةThe Many Faces Of Zorro.......

إطلالة جميلات هوليودوالشرق.. نجمات هوليود..إطلالة...!!!

إطلالة جميلات هوليودوالشرق.. نجمات هوليود..إطلالة...!!!

***شاهد فيديو مي عمر المتألق...!!

Home Of The World’s Greatest Movie Stars

The Internet Actors Data Base 

All Salma Hayek Hot Scenes From Ugly Betty

The Internet Actors Data Base 
Home Of The World’s Greatest Movie Stars

Douglas Fairbanks
The Mark Of Zorro
The big screen’s original swashbucker who began his career playing larger than life characters in a string of popular silent films such as “The Mark Of Zorro”, “The 3 Musketeers”, “The Thief Of Bagdad”, Robin Hood”, “Don Q Son Of Zorro” & “The Black Pirate”. 

Clayton Moore
(Ghost Of Zorro): 
Former circus acrobat, male model & stuntman who found fame & fortune as “The Lone Ranger”, a masked man with silver bullets, a white horse & an Indian companion named Tonto. The two fought for truth & justice during the 1950’s on Television & film.
Guy Williams 
Big screen supporting actor who managed to score the starring role in Disney’s “Zorro” TV Series. Feature films followed including, “The Sign Of Zorro”, “Zorro The Avenger”, “Damon & Pythias” and “Captain Sindbad” before Guy eased into another popular TV series, “Lost In Space”.  
Versatile stage actor who adapted his talents to the big screen by specializing in larger than life heroes & villains. Some of Frank’s most memorable screen characters include,  Zorro in “The Mark Of Zorro”, Count Dracula in “Dracula” & Skeletor in the He-Man flick “Masters Of The Universe”.
Duncan Regehr 

Canadian born boxer, figure skater & theater performer who moved to Hollywood to appear on TV & film in the late 1970’s. Duncan played an assortment of heroes &  villains in films such as “The Monster Squad”, “Billy The Kid” & “The Banker” before putting on the mask in 1990 to become TV’s new Zorro.
Reed Hadley
This tall Texan had already made a handful of small film appearances before getting his big break with a starring role in Republic’s 12 chapter serial “Zorro’s Fighting Legion”. For the next 30 years Reed Hadley appeared on film & TV playing heroes & villains, particularly in westerns. 
Tyrone Power
The Mark Of Zorro
Extremely popular matinee star of the 1930’s & 1940’s whose appearance as Zorro in “The Mark Of Zorro” is still considered by many to be the best. Other notable films include, “The Black Swan”, “Nightmare Alley” “Jesse James” & “Witness For The Prosecution”.

Alain Delon:                             This dark haired, French heartthrob with classical good looks went from a troubled childhood to an international film career, co-starring with some of Hollywood’s most popular stars including, Burt Lancaster, Ann-Margret, Dean Martin, Charles Bronson & Robert Wagner .

George Hamilton: 
Striking leading man with the permanent sun tan who first gained notice playing the bongos in “Crime & Punishment”. Lead roles in “Where The Boys Are” & “Your Cheatin’ Heart” followed before George starred in the hit comedies “Love At First Bite” & “Zorro The Gay Blade”.

Antonio Banderas: 
Son of a policeman whose childhood ambition of becoming a professional soccer player ended after an injury. He took up acting
& made his mark in a series of Pedro Almodovar films before being discovered  by Hollywood with his lively performance in the musical drama “The Mambo Kings”.
“The Many Faces Of Zorro”
 Now on VHS & DVD

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The Many Faces Of Zorro VHS
One of the movie and TV worlds' greatest heroes is given a 10-sword salute in this thrilling program about the screen history of the masked avenger. You'll see clips of famous Zorros from the past, including Guy Williams and Douglas Fairbanks, plus interviews with Antonio Banderas & Anthony Hopkins from 1998's "The Mask of Zorro." 60 min. The Many Faces Of Zorro [DVD](1999) DVD

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